Personal and Business Loans

Aloanta is one of the most outstanding FinTech in the financial market in Mexico. Its platform operates in this country since 2016, and in a short time they have managed to build a community of more than 400,000 people benefiting from their services. This financial institution differs from the rest because it works under the […]

How to get money you sent to the wrong account

If you are “lucky in misfortune,” you enter a non-existent account number. Fortunately, there are most such cases. In a few days, the bank will return the money to your account. Tell your bank Worse, if you entered an existing account and the money has already gone. Tell your bank as soon as you find […]

The nightmares that prevent you from applying for a mortgage loan

When you think about buying an apartment, the first feeling is to be fulfilling a dream, but then certain doubts invade you and you end up postponing that idea. And is that just thinking about everything that can go wrong, you are discouraged and prefer to continue in your current situation. Don’t be scared, this […]

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