How to get money you sent to the wrong account

If you are “lucky in misfortune,” you enter a non-existent account number. Fortunately, there are most such cases. In a few days, the bank will return the money to your account.

Tell your bank


Worse, if you entered an existing account and the money has already gone. Tell your bank as soon as you find that your payment didn’t arrive where it should have been. This will ask the recipient to return the money to you. If the person who received the money does not comply, you have only one choice left – the court.

To prevent this unpleasant situation from happening again, we have prepared some tips on how to avoid it in the future.

Don’t spend unexpected money

If you received an unexpected amount, don’t rejoice. Maybe it’s just a wrong payment. First , make sure the money is really for you. For example, it may be an energy surcharge.

Do not spend money

Do not spend money

However, if this is not confirmed, you can contact your bank or wait for a refund request. In any case, do not spend money. When the request comes, return the money honestly. Otherwise, you would be unjustly enriched by law and threatened with court.