As a woman, perhaps you have wondered how you should plan financially to face the different situations that life has and that is very important, as the sayings say, a cautious woman is worth a thousand and is quite true.

Competition is increasingly fierce


Today’s women face challenges at home and at work that a few years ago, the competition is increasingly fierce and they must face the challenges that sometimes entail becoming independent from their family, partner or promoting new projects alone to move forward to his family, because it is no secret to anyone that matriarchal homes are on the rise in our country.

Plan financially for each stage of your life

Plan financially for each stage of your life

It is important that as a woman you plan financially for each stage of your life, so the first thing you should understand is the value of money, savings, investments and that in life there are emergency situations that will make your Main plans are postponed or not carried out, not necessarily due to lack of money, but by other variables that you no longer handle. In Captain Ahab we want to help you so that you can get a good financial planning according to the stage you are in and we leave you these financial tips to get it.

Youth – Contrary to what many women usually do when having their first job that is to spend it on new clothes or accessories for work, your priority must be saving, at this stage of life our weaknesses or strengths that will be ours are strengthened North in the future, therefore, if from your first job you create a culture of savings, in adulthood and old age it will be easy for you to have a good financial cushion.

Young adult – At this stage the priorities change dramatically, you think of a new vehicle, studying abroad, traveling or starting a family. Here you must start your financial plan for each decision making, if you want a vehicle you must buy the one that suits you according to your income, mobility and savings. Avoid making advance purchases, such as a vehicle that is above your financial capabilities or choosing a study destination abroad that you cannot afford and consume all your savings.

Develop your own business

Develop your own business

Adulthood – At this stage it is possible that you are increasing your family, want to develop your own business, think about the education of your children or something like that. It is a stage of financial decisions in which experience and greater financial capacity are mixed than in adolescence, your financial planning should be focused on maximizing what you invest, for example, if your main objective is the education of your children, not Spend your money on giving them an expensive vehicle if that will affect their ability to go to a better university. Prioritize what is important vs. what is a desire and choose what is most convenient for that main objective, not to please any desire.


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