6 Tips to Save Fast Pay Money this Summer | Loan Proposal


Summer is just around the corner and if you are like us, summer means rest. Imagine lying on a beach in Thailand, holding a Pina Colada in your hand, feeling the sun rays on your face, and the beautiful white sand between your toes. Or drive through the tropical savannah, shooting herds of elephants in the distance and enjoying 5-meter giraffes chewing their leaves for breakfast. Or maybe you feel the pulse of a city that never sleeps, admiring the incredible architecture of Empire State, with its Times Square eyes bright.

Whatever your holiday dream, summer is not here yet and you have time to save some quick money instead of borrowing money.

Here are six helpful tips to help you:

Set a savings goal

Set a savings goal

If you know your vacation will cost $ 600, find out how much money you will need to save each week or month to reach this goal. For example, if you can spend $ 50 aside in six weeks, you’re halfway through!

Pay for yourself first

Contact your Finance or HR department and have them distribute 5% to 10% of your salary directly into your savings account.

Review your monthly expenses

Review your monthly expenses

Determine your basic expenses such as rent, groceries and bills like electricity. Be sure to include a cell phone, internet, car support, fitness card.

After identifying your primary expenses, check your bank account at the end of each week to see where your other money is going. At the end of the month, review your total costs.

Set a budget

Set a budget

Combine the cost of entertainment with the essentials. How much money do you need for fun and entertainment each week? Can you eat only once or twice a week outside? Do you really need your cable subscription in addition to your Goodflex subscription?

Start saving now

Start having lunch at home instead of buying one. It is now warm and you can walk to work and save on public transport or fuel.

Savings application

Almost everyone has a smartphone – make the most of it! There are apps that can help you track your spending and assist with budgeting.

But here at Robert Brim, we understand that despite your best efforts at saving fast money, sometimes you need a little help. That is why we have designed an easy, flexible, short-term financial option that allows you to quickly access payroll money.

Our Loan-to-Pay proposal is the perfect solution for cash, typically between $ 50 and $ 700 for 5 to 45 days. You can expect quick cash within minutes.

So whatever your current savings situation is, your summer vacation can become a reality. Now that’s the reason to smile.