Bad credit loans online instant decision -How to get a online loan with bad credit?

Nowadays, there is not only the option of bank loans, but other very interesting options for companies such as private business loans or non-bank financing have appeared.

Private corporate loans can be called crowdlending loans. The fundamental characteristic of private business loans is that the financing comes from private investors who lend their money to the business they need.

How to get a online loan with bad credit?

If you have bad or poor credit, you can apply for your online loan with bad credit through

You can apply for this loan by filling the application.

The private business loan assistant

In the loan application assistant, the company has to complete a few simple fields such as Corporate name, CIF, sector … along with some fields related to the loans itself such as amount, term, the purpose of the loan …

In just two minutes the assistant will be completed and the company will have its own control panel where you will be informed of the documentation that is needed depending on the information provided in the assistant. Remember to give the data and information as truthful as possible.

Required documentation for private business loans

Required documentation for private business loans

Once the assistant is complete we need you to send us the documentation that we will indicate. This documentation will simply be the one necessary for the study of your loan. They are very simple documents which any company has at hand.

These documents can be uploaded directly to the control panel or sent by email to SMEs @ Good Finance if it is easier, without having to scroll.

Study of the private business loan

From the moment we have the necessary documentation, our risk department studies the operation and we will give you the answer in record time. If approved, a maximum rate will be set below which no person or investor can lend you their money. We cannot set you a final price at first because it will depend on the characteristics of the loan application.

If you are not satisfied with the maximum rate we have set for you, no problem! We will not charge you anything and we simply hope to offer you our services again. And if on the contrary you are satisfied with the interest rate, we move on to the next phase.