Costco limits purchases again, reports show


Costco says the problem is not with panic buying, but the inability to get products to its stores.

Costco has announced that it will limit purchases of certain items as supply chain issues affect the warehouse retailer’s ability to keep shelves stocked.

The news came from Costco’s chief financial officer Richard Galanti during a company earnings call Thursday, according to NPR and USA TODAY.

Items that will be limited include toilet paper, roll towels, Kirkland-branded bottled water and cleaning supplies in high demand due to the delta variant of COVID-19, reports USA TODAY. Galanti did not specify how many items customers would be allowed to purchase, according to NPR.

There were no details on the Costco website on Friday afternoon. Its latest COVID-19 update, dated August 28, generically states “Some warehouses may have temporary item limits on certain items.”

Galanti also reportedly said there were delays on furniture as well as shortages of chips. The latter of these affects the supply of computers and devices.

Unlike 18 months ago, when people were cleaning shelves faster than stores could stock them, Costco reportedly had trouble just getting its available supply delivered. Galanti cited “short-term changes in trucking” and “delivery needs,” according to NPR.

Responding to a confirmation request on Friday, a spokesperson for Costco said management had not commented.

Steven Taylor, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia, told CNN that while Costco’s decision may not have been due to panic buying, such an announcement could fuel fears. of a shortage among the public.

“Over the past couple of years, people have become conditioned to respond with panic buying whenever they learn of a foreclosure or impending shortage,” Taylor said.

Galanti reportedly added that Costco is chartering three ships for next year to move containers between Asia, Canada and the United States

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