National Arts and Crafts Department Store Comes to Destiny USA


Syracuse, New York State – Lobby, the world’s largest private arts and crafts retailer, arrives at Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse.

The chain of stores confirmed on Wednesday that it has signed a lease to open a store in Destiny in 2022.

A spokesperson for Hobby Lobby said she had no additional information on when the store opened or where the store was located in the mall.

Moody’s Investor Services, in a report released Tuesday on its recent downgrade of mall bonds, said Hobby Lobby will go to the mall’s home section, which the rating department calls the Carousel Center, after original shopping center.

The Post-Standard | has reached out to a Destiny spokesperson for comment.

Hobby Lobby stores typically measure approximately 55,000 square feet.

There are a lot of large vacant spaces that Hobby Lobby could occupy in the older part of Destiny. Four of them have direct access to exterior entrances, which the retailer would likely wish, as this would allow customers to more easily access the store and carry larger items like furniture in their cars.

Late last year, two of the mall’s biggest brands, JC Penney and Lord & Taylor, closed after their parent companies filed for bankruptcy. Earlier this year, the mall suffered another heavy blow when Best Buy closed its store.

The other large vacant storefront with an exterior entrance is the space occupied by the Bon-Ton department store before it closed in 2016.

Founded in 1970 by David and Barbara Green, Hobby Lobby offers more than 70,000 items of home decor, seasonal decor, tableware, flowers, art supplies, craft supplies, yarn, fabric, jewelry making, hobbies and more. It also provides personalized picture framing services.

The chain operates more than 900 stores, with more than 43,000 employees, in 47 states. He has two stores in Onondaga County – on Route 31 in Clay and on Route 5 in DeWitt.

Customers enter the Hobby Lobby store on Route 31 in Clay on Monday, June 1, 2020.Rick Moriarty | [email protected]

In particular, the chain’s stores are closed on Sundays. The company says the practice allows its employees and customers “more time for worship and family.” The Hobby Lobby spokesperson said the Destiny USA store would be no exception.

Being closed on Sunday will be unusual for a Destiny USA tenant. Destiny leases generally require tenants to adhere to the same hours as the mall. But each lease is subject to negotiation, and it appears that the Hobby Lobby lease does not contain the stipulation.

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